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Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Yay! I'm so happy spring is here! I just love being out in the yard. BAREFOOT, no less. ^_^
Dexter has been having fun too -

Dexter's Grand Adventure II by ~LavenderElegance on deviantART

Dexter's Grand Adventure I by ~LavenderElegance on deviantART

And what else comes with spring? (besides the tap show, which I have rehearsals for non-stop this week)
My Birthday!
17, eek!
Should be a good one though. =) I've already found out about one present, which is a year's subscription for deviantART from Mom and Dad. *YIPPI* It'll be going on my LavenderElegance account.

While deviantART is totally awesome without a subscription, you can get a bunch of extra features if you pay for it. I'll be getting a lot more out of it, be able to keep up better with all of my messages, etc.
So, thank you M&D!!

On the subject of art, I have a new painting finished from my watercolor class! I've been working on it for quite a while, and must say I'm quite happy with it.

Aspen Forest by ~TabbyRox on deviantART

When I get back to class(which will be next week, because this week is so screwy), I'll be starting on a sketch of a wolf to paint.(why do I pick such annoyingly difficult subjects? I'm a perfectionist who loves details, that's why.)

What else, what else...
Oh yes, I've joined Facebook, check me out if you have an account:

I hope everyone is having fun, and enjoying the weather!