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Monday, July 30, 2007


Today I went to Cascadia to swim in the river with Sophie, Zoë, Sophia, Theresa, Eli, Lori, Wendy, and Mom.
Oh, and Misty and Sierra(dogs).

After swimming in the river, and having some lunch, we hiked up to the waterfall.

The dogs were going everywhere, and Misty even slid down a really steep hill, and created a small avalanche. o_O

Oh, and I entered a bunch of stuff in the fair. Photos, earrings, and cupcakes. I would have entered more, but I kinda waited until last minute to get it all together, so I ran out of time. =P

Saturday, July 28, 2007

I'm famous!

No, actually, not at all.
But I did find myself on youtube!
Too bad it's this dance and not one of the others... oh well, still cool. =D

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Happy Birthday Helen!

It's Helen Mirren's birthday! (okay, was. it's now Friday)

I'm going to go a little Helen-crazy now, with no other purpose than to please myself.
Continue if you dare.

This is a wallpaper I made recently, using pictures from "White Nights" with Mikhail Baryshnikov, he's an amazing dancer. I need to own this movie.

The first half of this video is the best scene of the movie. The emotion in his dancing is overwhelming.

This dance is fantastic as well:

A couple of the icons I have made...

I love this picture, her socks are awesome!

This picture is amazing.

Woot! some of my most favorite fan-made videos:

I really want to own "Elizabeth I" too.

You are one lucky guy, Taylor.

HP 7 release night pictures

Okay, so I'm just now getting around to posting about the release party of HP&t Deathly Hallows.

I went to the Grass Roots party with Sophie, Beka, Zoë, Stella, Samantha, and Ben. And Ana, but she was part of the skits, so she couldn't really stay with us.

The AAA theatre group performed a few parts from books 1 through 6.

Here are some pictures I took. Sorry they're so blurry,

Here's Ana as McGonagall(perfect!), in the Career Advice bit from Ootp with Umbridge and Harry. Natalie made an amazing Umbridge.

Here's the dueling scene from CoS. This is Snape(Nico) and Lockhart(Paul), dueling.

Then Draco(Andrea), and Harry(Ariel) dueled.

In between skits, they all had to wander about in character. It was hilarious to watch the scenes break out.

Luna(Heather) and Trelawney(Gabrielle), with Umbridge in the background.

Rita Skeeter(Maria) interviewing people.

Beka dressed as Luna, and Sophie as Madam Rosmerta.(she had fun teasing Ron(Philip), about him having a crush on her, lol)

I heard a few girls near Snape(Nico) in the crowd, singing Sev's part in the famous Potter Pals "The Mysterious Ticking Noise", LMAO.
And then midnight came, and it was MADNESS!!
Ooh! and I got a box too! Yay!


You Are 40% Weird

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But too damn weird to do anything about it!

I was a tie between:

Which RENT character are you?


Which RENT character are you?

Lesbian Matchmaker

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pre-Deathly Hallows video

I love this guy!!!

and after finding out he made the front page:

Please visit my Sketch Blog for any Deathly Hallows fanart I am slowly producing. Thank you. xoxo

Friday, July 20, 2007

The Eve of Deathly Hallows

AAAAH! The book comes out in less than 24 hours! *squeals*

I've made myself a quick pair of Golden Snitch earrings. Ana, Sophie and I have also all made cloaks, and I'm working on a wand.

Anya didn't make it into the top 10 on 'So You Think You Can Dance?". Sad.
She and Danny were my favorite couple for a while, but they just don't stand out enough. Hopefully Danny will have another chance now that he'll have a new partner.

Pasha is my favorite though. ^_^ How can you not love him?

Friday, July 13, 2007

Sketch Blog

I've created a blog entirely for my sketches!(and finished things as well)

Check it out! Hopefully I'll have lots of things to update it with. =)

Sunday, July 8, 2007

off to bed...

but before I do.... here is a drawing of Helen Mirren I finished today. It's got some problems I'm not too happy about, but it was a quick sort of sketch, so I'm not going to spend a lot of time fixing everything.
It's my first finished portrait in a long time though, and my first of Helen, so I still like it. =)

I am way too easily entertained...


Thursday, July 5, 2007

4th of July


I hope everyone had a fun 4th!

I had a great time down by the riverfront with Jason, Andy, and Charlotte. Charlotte and I helped Andy and Jason pick out new hats and shades. And we watched the fireworks of course. I managed to get a few nice photos, even though the trees were kind of in the way.

Well, that's all for now. How boring...

But look, piccys!