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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

a special sort of art medium

I suggest you take a look at this art journal, created by a woman who uses a very personal sort of medium to paint with. I find her art truly inspirational, but I think you should decide for yourself what you think of it:

If you find menstrual painting as interesting as I now do, here are some other galleries to check out:

Night for now.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Fauxstess Cupcakes

I made these very cool cupcakes last night, from this very awesome vegan cookbook:
They're like the hostess cupcakes, only better! I use the cake recipe all the time for chocolate cupcakes, but I've never done all the different frosting and filling steps before.

I'm leaving on Thursday for Not Back To School Camp, and I'm so excited! Qacei and her brother Conor got back from the first session yesterday, and it sounds like a great time!
I've got lots of packing to do tomorrow...

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Found a cool site for quizzes. =)


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The Completely Pointless Personality Quiz
The Completely Pointless Personality Quiz

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

lovely day

Yay, lots of good things going on to make this day very nice. =)

To start off, Neebin and I went downtown to Sunnyside Up to show Jon our artwork, because he had said that he might let us hang some of our stuff there sometime. Well, he looked over our stuff, gave us some suggestions on framing and whatnot, and asked if we thought we could fill the whole space, and we said we could try! So he's put us down for January '08.

This is so exciting! Our artwork is going to be on basically every wall space in there!

Please check out my friend Neebin's artwork, she's a fantastic artist:

Then later this evening, I went back to Sunnside Up with Sophie and Beka for the improv show, which had more people in it tonight than I had ever seen. There were 6 of them, which made for longer and funnier games. =)

Yesterday, Sophie and I took Clover for a walk up the hill, and found blackberries. So we picked some, and today I made some little mini(and vegan, of course) tart type thingies. =)

And it's RAINING!!! That makes me so happy. I really do hate the heat. Rain actually makes me want to DO something. =)

OMG, is Domino not ADORABLE?? *squee*

Monday, August 13, 2007

well that was quick

yes, another update already.

I was just sitting outside, and I saw at least 3 meteors. Pretty cool, but awfully tiny. Plus, it's cold out there!

I made some new walls...

and I'll share this too, because I just made it for my bestest online friend, and I love how pretty and sunny it is. =) It's Cyndi Lauper, btw.

Sunday, August 12, 2007


We're back! if you even knew we were gone...
Anyways, we were camping at Timpanogas lake from Tuesday to Saturday.

Here's a very poorly put together panorama of Timpanogas lake, but it's just so you get the idea...

On the way up, we stopped by a reservoir(which I can't be sure of the name of... might be Dexter?) for lunch. I'd already eaten mine though, so I took pictures. ;)

The first night, we stayed in a lower campsite, but regretted this, because of all the mosquitos. =P

The next day, we moved to a better spot, and Sophie and I went searching for little tiny frogs/toads/whatever they are.

I made salsa, and we found a tree frog in the canoe.

Over at Lower Timpanogas lake, which was just a minute's walk from our campsite, there we tons and tons of the little guys. Clover had fun there too.

On Wednesday, we hiked up to Indigo lake, which, disappointingly, wasn't Indigo at all, but more green-ish. =P Still pretty though.

On Thursday, a silly little hummingbird got itself stuck in our mosquito tent. After a few minutes of us trying to tempt it out, another hummingbird flew up to the tent, and started talking to the one on the inside. Then the second bird flew into the tent, and then back out again. After doing this about 5 times, it was obvious that the first hummingbird wasn't getting the clue, so we lifted the tent up and shooed it out.

Clover and me in the canoe. And I think this is a purple aster.

Soph and I played with different effects in the water...

Some neat night shots.

Twas much fun, but I'm glad to be home and clean again. ;)

Anybody see any of the meteor shower? I've been out once tonight, and didn't see anything, but I'll be trying again once I finish up here.

Oh look, John is in the woods too!

Monday, August 6, 2007

evil ex-boyfriends

Okay, so I was randomly wandering the net, and I came across this girl's LJ: and she had this on her page, and I thought it was hilarious and awesome, so I'm sharing. =D

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Please, Do Sit Down

So, because we just desperately need a new chair in the living room, because the green rocking chair sucks, Mom bought this red la-z-boy for really cheap.

Dexter has claimed it as his own.

Dex is such an attention whore. He'll actually pose for the camera. It's rather nice though, in a strange way, because then I can take these long exposures, because the light in our house isn't so great. lol.

On another note, I'm going to the fair today. I shall probably be back with pictures.