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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

lovely day

Yay, lots of good things going on to make this day very nice. =)

To start off, Neebin and I went downtown to Sunnyside Up to show Jon our artwork, because he had said that he might let us hang some of our stuff there sometime. Well, he looked over our stuff, gave us some suggestions on framing and whatnot, and asked if we thought we could fill the whole space, and we said we could try! So he's put us down for January '08.

This is so exciting! Our artwork is going to be on basically every wall space in there!

Please check out my friend Neebin's artwork, she's a fantastic artist:

Then later this evening, I went back to Sunnside Up with Sophie and Beka for the improv show, which had more people in it tonight than I had ever seen. There were 6 of them, which made for longer and funnier games. =)

Yesterday, Sophie and I took Clover for a walk up the hill, and found blackberries. So we picked some, and today I made some little mini(and vegan, of course) tart type thingies. =)

And it's RAINING!!! That makes me so happy. I really do hate the heat. Rain actually makes me want to DO something. =)

OMG, is Domino not ADORABLE?? *squee*

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