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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

New Artwork

New art added to

Cottage Garden by ~TabbyRox on deviantART

Killing Time by ~TabbyRox on deviantART

Notes on a Sketchbook by ~TabbyRox on deviantART

Sophie and I had class with Nancy(our tap teacher) again today, and our dance is almost finished! It's gonna be awesome. =D

I'm going to see 'The Vagina Monologues' on Thursday at OSU! Anybody who can should go see it as well, I've heard it's quite good. I'm excited to finally see it! =)

Hmm... that's all I've got for now I guess...


Sunday, February 18, 2007

Fun With Plants & Guest Dance Instructors


Today I went to my first Herbal Medicine class with Jaci, one of the Moms in our homeschooling group. She teaches 3 different levels or Herbal Medicine courses, which take place in her house and garden.
I found it really interesting. I've always been fascinated by this sort of stuff, and It's really great to get to learn about it with other people.
My friend Grace is taking the class too.
This is so exciting! =D I don't think I've ever met anybody else who loves plants this way as much as I do, so I'm hoping to make some new friends in the class.

Other neat news:
Tonight during the regular Sunday folkdancing time, we had two visitors come to teach Romanian dances. We're not exactly sure if they are from Romania or not though. It seemed like it, but they were speaking French to eachother... We(meaning Sophie, Ana, Felicity and I) will have to ask Dana(our folkdance teacher) tomorrow. But anyways, they were a hoot. I wish they could have stayed longer, because they(especially the guy) we really fun to watch. hehehe.

I meant to include this earlier. Here are a few cards I made on Valentine's Day.

Valentines by ~TabbyRox on deviantART

and here is a Pam & Jim icon I just made for a friend. =)
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Friday, February 16, 2007


I just found someone with the biggest collection of Harry Potter icons I have ever seen!
Totally awesome. I picked out some of my favorites:



Well, that's all for now. ttylz,


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I heart confusing weather

Well, today was just plain gorgeous. My favorite type of weather. There was even a rainbow there for a bit. Got a few photos while I was out.

The Corvallis ArtCentric.

and one of our lovely backyard.
Other than enjoying the rain and sunshine(at the same time)...

Sophie and I had our class with Nancy to work on our duet dance. Which we will be performing in the show at the Majestic Theater on March 23rd, and hopefully in the talent show at the LIFE is Good Unschooling Conference.

Anyways, the dance is coming along great. Can't wait to finish it. =D

I've also got yet another cat-sitting job in the neighborhood. Pudge, is her name, and she's older, and very sweet. =)

I've also been spending a good amount of time watching my new favorite show, The West Wing. I was so sad when they took it off the air, because I was just beginning to get into it. But HOORAY for DVDS! ^_^
Expect to see fanart. Which will go here:

CJ Cregg, AKA "Flamingo" rawks. =D


Monday, February 12, 2007

First Blog

It seems like I've tried this blog thing before, but kind of forgot about it.
So, now that I have a whole new blog, the only thing left is to see if I can come up with anything to write about on a daily basis. Probably won't be a problem, but will it be interesting to anyone but myself? Probably not, but we'll see how it goes. =P

First of all, some lovely information about me:
I'm 16(17 next month) years old, and I'm an unschooler/autodidact living in Oregon. I could go on and on about unschooling, but I'll save that for some other time. I'm also a vegetarian, an artist, a photographer, a dancer, an animal-lover, a perfectionist, a gardener, a music-lover, a film-fanatic, a cook, and a lesbian(and single, btw. not counting online).

Anyways, since I have all my time in the world to spend doing the things I love, I always have plenty to share. So I hope to have fun unloading here from time to time.

Farewell for now,