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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Fun With Plants & Guest Dance Instructors


Today I went to my first Herbal Medicine class with Jaci, one of the Moms in our homeschooling group. She teaches 3 different levels or Herbal Medicine courses, which take place in her house and garden.
I found it really interesting. I've always been fascinated by this sort of stuff, and It's really great to get to learn about it with other people.
My friend Grace is taking the class too.
This is so exciting! =D I don't think I've ever met anybody else who loves plants this way as much as I do, so I'm hoping to make some new friends in the class.

Other neat news:
Tonight during the regular Sunday folkdancing time, we had two visitors come to teach Romanian dances. We're not exactly sure if they are from Romania or not though. It seemed like it, but they were speaking French to eachother... We(meaning Sophie, Ana, Felicity and I) will have to ask Dana(our folkdance teacher) tomorrow. But anyways, they were a hoot. I wish they could have stayed longer, because they(especially the guy) we really fun to watch. hehehe.

I meant to include this earlier. Here are a few cards I made on Valentine's Day.

Valentines by ~TabbyRox on deviantART

and here is a Pam & Jim icon I just made for a friend. =)
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