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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I heart confusing weather

Well, today was just plain gorgeous. My favorite type of weather. There was even a rainbow there for a bit. Got a few photos while I was out.

The Corvallis ArtCentric.

and one of our lovely backyard.
Other than enjoying the rain and sunshine(at the same time)...

Sophie and I had our class with Nancy to work on our duet dance. Which we will be performing in the show at the Majestic Theater on March 23rd, and hopefully in the talent show at the LIFE is Good Unschooling Conference.

Anyways, the dance is coming along great. Can't wait to finish it. =D

I've also got yet another cat-sitting job in the neighborhood. Pudge, is her name, and she's older, and very sweet. =)

I've also been spending a good amount of time watching my new favorite show, The West Wing. I was so sad when they took it off the air, because I was just beginning to get into it. But HOORAY for DVDS! ^_^
Expect to see fanart. Which will go here:

CJ Cregg, AKA "Flamingo" rawks. =D


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