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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

street tappers

Sophie and I have decided we want to do this on the riverfront.

Here are some amazing street tappers I found on youtube:

10 Inventions That Have Made Life Easier

Today's Ten on Tuesday is 10 Inventions That Have Made Life Easier.

1. Computers
2. MP3 player
3. Refrigerator
4. Digital cameras
5. Cell phones
6. Tape (duct, masking, scotch, etc.)
7. Synthetic leather
8. Toaster ovens
9. Menstrual cups
10. Waterproof pens

Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday Feast and Fill-In


If you could live on another continent for 1 year, which one would you choose?
can i pick where on the continent? safest pick would probably be Europe, or Australia.


Which browser do you use to surf the Internet?
Internet explorer. boooring.


On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being highest), how much do you know about the history of your country?

Oh come on, nobody really knows anything.

Main Course

Finish this sentence: Love is…

A four letter word. And one of the strongest.


Have you ever been in or near a tornado?

1. A smile is the best facial expression, and also a great song.
2. Mao is my favorite board or card game.
3. I would love to have more dance in my life and less being bored.
4. When I think of the Summer Solstice, I think of partying in the dark.
5. I just remembered I need to send in forms for NBTSC.
6. One of my favorite song lyrics goes like this:
You say smile I say cheese Cartier I say please Income tax I say Jesus I don't wanna be a candidate For Vietnam or Watergate Cos all I want to do is Bicycle bicycle bicycle.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to celebrating the summer, tomorrow my plans include something fun with a best friend and Sunday, I want to find something to do... !

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Yes, more...

Thirteen things starting with the letter A that I want to do this summer:

1) Alter clothing
2) set something Afire
3) use funny Accents
4) Acquire a better source of income
5) make more ART
6) go on Adventures
7) be an Ailurophile
8) Avoid Alcohol
9) get better at drawing Anatomy
10) live more Alternatively

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Action Figures I Wouldn't Mind Owning

1) Jack Sparrow - I already do! My first action figure, and it's got me hooked.
2) Cutler Beckett - SO hard to find!
3) Minerva McGonagall
4) Indiana Jones
5) Remus Lupin
6) Han Solo
7) Puss in Boots (from Shrek)
8) Ivy (Soul Calibur II)
9) Captain Amelia - do they exist?
10) Emma Peel

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Man, that just sucks. Almost as funny looking as a tow truck being towed. XP

Mexico trip - Day 7

We drove south of Puerto Vallarta to eat at a restaurant on the beach.
Mom and Sophie took pictures of the salt and pepper... lol.

Mom asked me to get a shot of the old people swimming, so I did. Hahaha.

Yes, here's me. If you know me, you know I get into positions like this all the time, solely for photography.

Here's the shot I was taking. I don't even really like how it turned out.

I think this was taken through Sophie's sunglasses. This was the beach at the restaurant. Looks kinda like Oregon, doesn't it? There's a pelican in there! It's flying.

This is the hotel that the restaurant was part of.

We stopped at the Malecon on the way back to the house. This is me, Mom and Soph.

CLOSE-UP! But look, it's me! (I love Soph's sunglasses)

Mom decided she wanted to take a photo every time the car stopped. I told her to take a shot of this tree, because it looked cool.....

I think it's a mango tree!!
And this is where our famous family video fits in. Now available for the entire world to see. The epitome of my family, pretty much.

I did actually get some pictures of the cows! I had a bit of an obsession with them...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

I've been searching around, and I've found a meme to do for every day but Sunday.

I found "Ten on Tuesday", and I'm doing a few past ones...

10 Favorite Actors/Actresses

1) Dame Helen Mirren - Because I drool when I see her, that's why. Oh, and she's amazingly talented, versatile, often nude, etc.
2) Meryl Streep - Brilliant brilliant brilliant. She can do ANYTHING. She does accents like nobody else.
3) Dame Maggie Smith - 'nuff said.
4) Alan Rickman - I find him incredibly interesting. He seems a mystery, but really nice. He's very british, and sexy in a odd sort of way.
5) Zoë Wanamaker - She played Madam Hooch in the first Harry Potter film, and is currently playing Susan Harper in the britcom "My Family", which is an awesome show, you should check it out.
6) Dame Diana Rigg - Both my Dad and I have had crushes on her character Emma Peel from the '60s show The Avengers, LOL. I've always found that amusing. She's a great stage actress, and I would LOVE to see her perform some day, even though I'm accepting the fact that that will probably never happen.
7) Harrison Ford - Han Solo, Indiana Jones... okay, so I haven't really seen him in much else, and I wouldn't call him an amazing actor, but... he's INDIANA JONES, ya know??
8) Megan Mullally - I learned a lot about myself through being a fan of hers, and even though I no longer follow her every move, I still greatly admire her. And she's back to singing on broadway again, go Megan!
9) Dame Judi Dench - Legendary.
10) Imelda Staunton - Terrific actress. I love her hysterically funny characters. She may be shrimpy, but boy she has presence!

10 Places You’d Take a Tourist to See in Your Hometown

1) The Courthouse, expecially between 5 and 6pm during the daily Peace Vigil.
2) The waterfront. Fountains, statues, etc.
3) OSU Campus. Specifically the MU, quad, library...
4) Nearly Normals, the only entirely vegetarian restaurant in town. YUMMM
5) Something at The Majestic or CHS Theater.
6) The library
7) Avery park. We have awesome parks here.
8) Folk dancing!
9) Various places downtown... Burst's Candy, The Book Bin, Northern Star, The Darkside...
10) The farmer's market. Or any other events that might be happening, such as Fall Festival, daVinci Days, Pride Week, etc.

Mexico trip - Day 6

Dad rented us a car, and we took a trip to Sayulita, a cute little town north of Bucerias. It's a surfer attraction spot, the beach gets good waves.
This was on the drive up.

Haha, this is a "look, a camera" face.

We had lunch in Sayulita, and our waiter was from Oregon! He got really chatty when he learned we were too, lol. He said he was staying with his grandparents, who had a house there.

We made lots of doggy friends in Mexico, but this was my favorite. Her name was Azteca, apparenty. I didn't notice that until I saw this photo later.

Crazy-crowded beach! We didn't spend much time there.


A fancy little square at the center of town.

I loved this little window. =)

Diggin' the hair, dude.

Some guys playing drums in the street.

I LOVE all the colors there. Everything is vibrant!

Taken on the drive back to Bucerias.

A Mexican cemetery! Fancyyyyyy.

Mexico trip - Day 5

We just spent this day hanging around Bucerias. I took some photos of some of the gorgeous hibiscus flowers in the yard.

A little Anole trying to hide on a bush. And it worked. Everytime he moved, it took me a while to find him again. I also saw a couple of these little guys puffing out their orange-colored throats, but I never caught it on camera. =( Pretty awesome though.

Bougainvillea! They are EVERYWHERE, and I LOVE them!

Part of the market in Bucerias. Sophie and I tried our hand at bargaining. We were almost starting to get the hang of it, but it was still uncomfortable to get used to.

Iiiiity bity gecko, who I found on the kitchen counter.

Iguanas everywhere!
This is probably my favorite picture of Sophie and me in the water. XP Right before the CRASH.
Sophie lined up some of the shells we collected.

We liked this guy's shirt.


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Top Bands

1. The Beatles
First song heard: well I've been listening to them since before I was born probably, but they made a version of Let It Be on sesame street, right? That's probably the first song I remember.
Fell in Love With: Hey Jude
All-time Favorite: All You Need Is Love
Current Favorite: Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da/Eleanor Rigby
Last Played: Tell Me Why

2. Queen
First song heard: We Will Rock You (I remember that the most, anyhow)
Fell in Love With: Killer Queen
All-time Favorite: Don't Stop Me Now
Current Favorite: Bicycle Race
Last Played: Dragon Attack

3. The Fratellis
First song heard: Flathead
Fell in Love With: Flathead
All-time Favorite: Chelsea Dagger
Current Favorite: Whistle For The Choir
Last Played: Creepin Up The Back Stairs

4. KT Tunstall
First song heard: Suddenly I See
Fell in Love With: Suddenly I See
All-time Favorite: Suddenly I See
Current Favorite: Hold On
Last Played: Hold On

5. The Cranberries
First song heard: Linger
Fell in Love With: Zombie
All-time Favorite: Zombie
Current Favorite: Animal Instinct
Last Played: N/A

6. The Goo Goo Dolls
First song heard: Rzeznik singing I'm Still Here
Fell in Love With: Iris
All-time Favorite: Iris
Current Favorite: Black Balloon
Last Played: Let Love In

7. Amadan
First song heard: whatever they played first at the Fall Festival in 2006
Fell in Love With: Who knows, but it was at that first concert.
All-time Favorite: Another Brass Rail
Current Favorite: Serenity
Last Played: Used To Know

8. Muse
First song heard: Super Massive Black Hole
Fell in Love With: Super Massive Black Hole
All-time Favorite: Blackout
Current Favorite: Blackout
Last Played: Blackout

Videos of the day:

Saturday, June 14, 2008

my fabulous day in pictures

A picture's worth a thousand words, right? Well I definitely don't have much talent for telling stories through talk, but here's the story of my fabulous day: