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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Top Bands

1. The Beatles
First song heard: well I've been listening to them since before I was born probably, but they made a version of Let It Be on sesame street, right? That's probably the first song I remember.
Fell in Love With: Hey Jude
All-time Favorite: All You Need Is Love
Current Favorite: Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da/Eleanor Rigby
Last Played: Tell Me Why

2. Queen
First song heard: We Will Rock You (I remember that the most, anyhow)
Fell in Love With: Killer Queen
All-time Favorite: Don't Stop Me Now
Current Favorite: Bicycle Race
Last Played: Dragon Attack

3. The Fratellis
First song heard: Flathead
Fell in Love With: Flathead
All-time Favorite: Chelsea Dagger
Current Favorite: Whistle For The Choir
Last Played: Creepin Up The Back Stairs

4. KT Tunstall
First song heard: Suddenly I See
Fell in Love With: Suddenly I See
All-time Favorite: Suddenly I See
Current Favorite: Hold On
Last Played: Hold On

5. The Cranberries
First song heard: Linger
Fell in Love With: Zombie
All-time Favorite: Zombie
Current Favorite: Animal Instinct
Last Played: N/A

6. The Goo Goo Dolls
First song heard: Rzeznik singing I'm Still Here
Fell in Love With: Iris
All-time Favorite: Iris
Current Favorite: Black Balloon
Last Played: Let Love In

7. Amadan
First song heard: whatever they played first at the Fall Festival in 2006
Fell in Love With: Who knows, but it was at that first concert.
All-time Favorite: Another Brass Rail
Current Favorite: Serenity
Last Played: Used To Know

8. Muse
First song heard: Super Massive Black Hole
Fell in Love With: Super Massive Black Hole
All-time Favorite: Blackout
Current Favorite: Blackout
Last Played: Blackout

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