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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

I've been searching around, and I've found a meme to do for every day but Sunday.

I found "Ten on Tuesday", and I'm doing a few past ones...

10 Favorite Actors/Actresses

1) Dame Helen Mirren - Because I drool when I see her, that's why. Oh, and she's amazingly talented, versatile, often nude, etc.
2) Meryl Streep - Brilliant brilliant brilliant. She can do ANYTHING. She does accents like nobody else.
3) Dame Maggie Smith - 'nuff said.
4) Alan Rickman - I find him incredibly interesting. He seems a mystery, but really nice. He's very british, and sexy in a odd sort of way.
5) Zoë Wanamaker - She played Madam Hooch in the first Harry Potter film, and is currently playing Susan Harper in the britcom "My Family", which is an awesome show, you should check it out.
6) Dame Diana Rigg - Both my Dad and I have had crushes on her character Emma Peel from the '60s show The Avengers, LOL. I've always found that amusing. She's a great stage actress, and I would LOVE to see her perform some day, even though I'm accepting the fact that that will probably never happen.
7) Harrison Ford - Han Solo, Indiana Jones... okay, so I haven't really seen him in much else, and I wouldn't call him an amazing actor, but... he's INDIANA JONES, ya know??
8) Megan Mullally - I learned a lot about myself through being a fan of hers, and even though I no longer follow her every move, I still greatly admire her. And she's back to singing on broadway again, go Megan!
9) Dame Judi Dench - Legendary.
10) Imelda Staunton - Terrific actress. I love her hysterically funny characters. She may be shrimpy, but boy she has presence!

10 Places You’d Take a Tourist to See in Your Hometown

1) The Courthouse, expecially between 5 and 6pm during the daily Peace Vigil.
2) The waterfront. Fountains, statues, etc.
3) OSU Campus. Specifically the MU, quad, library...
4) Nearly Normals, the only entirely vegetarian restaurant in town. YUMMM
5) Something at The Majestic or CHS Theater.
6) The library
7) Avery park. We have awesome parks here.
8) Folk dancing!
9) Various places downtown... Burst's Candy, The Book Bin, Northern Star, The Darkside...
10) The farmer's market. Or any other events that might be happening, such as Fall Festival, daVinci Days, Pride Week, etc.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i still follow megan mullally's every move! lol she is amazing!