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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mexico trip - Day 6

Dad rented us a car, and we took a trip to Sayulita, a cute little town north of Bucerias. It's a surfer attraction spot, the beach gets good waves.
This was on the drive up.

Haha, this is a "look, a camera" face.

We had lunch in Sayulita, and our waiter was from Oregon! He got really chatty when he learned we were too, lol. He said he was staying with his grandparents, who had a house there.

We made lots of doggy friends in Mexico, but this was my favorite. Her name was Azteca, apparenty. I didn't notice that until I saw this photo later.

Crazy-crowded beach! We didn't spend much time there.


A fancy little square at the center of town.

I loved this little window. =)

Diggin' the hair, dude.

Some guys playing drums in the street.

I LOVE all the colors there. Everything is vibrant!

Taken on the drive back to Bucerias.

A Mexican cemetery! Fancyyyyyy.

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