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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

A day in the car

Today we drove north along the coast looking at potential camp grounds for this summer. Not all of them were open this time of year, but we just got out and walked if the gate was closed. ;)

We saw a couple of waterfalls, which were very pretty.

But I was having more fun trying to pay attention to all the different native plants. Since we don't usually do a lot of hiking and stuff like that until summer, it was neat to see all the plants that are in bloom at this time of year.

And now I'm trying to identify all the ones I took photos of.

- Scouler's Corydalis,
Corydalis scouleri

- Hooker's Fairybells,
Disporum hookeri

- Pink Fawn Lily, Erythronium revolutum

- Sword Fern, new growth,
Polystichum munitum

- Bleeding Heart,
Dicentra formosa

- Redwood Sorrel,
Oxalis oregana

- Clasping Twistedstalk,
Streptopus amplexifolius

- not completely sure on this one. I think it may be a type of Water-Carpet,

- again, not sure. Some sort of Saxifrage, most likely Small-Flowered Alumroot,
Heuchera micrantha

- Western Trillium,
Trillium ovatum

- Yellow Wood Violet,
Viola glabella

I saw many others, but since I don't have photos of them all, I won't list them at this point.

Oh, and using photos on this thing majorly sucks. It's so annoying to set it up right on the blog. I'm just leaving it like this. It's not perfect, but I'm fed up. =P

'til later,