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Sunday, August 12, 2007


We're back! if you even knew we were gone...
Anyways, we were camping at Timpanogas lake from Tuesday to Saturday.

Here's a very poorly put together panorama of Timpanogas lake, but it's just so you get the idea...

On the way up, we stopped by a reservoir(which I can't be sure of the name of... might be Dexter?) for lunch. I'd already eaten mine though, so I took pictures. ;)

The first night, we stayed in a lower campsite, but regretted this, because of all the mosquitos. =P

The next day, we moved to a better spot, and Sophie and I went searching for little tiny frogs/toads/whatever they are.

I made salsa, and we found a tree frog in the canoe.

Over at Lower Timpanogas lake, which was just a minute's walk from our campsite, there we tons and tons of the little guys. Clover had fun there too.

On Wednesday, we hiked up to Indigo lake, which, disappointingly, wasn't Indigo at all, but more green-ish. =P Still pretty though.

On Thursday, a silly little hummingbird got itself stuck in our mosquito tent. After a few minutes of us trying to tempt it out, another hummingbird flew up to the tent, and started talking to the one on the inside. Then the second bird flew into the tent, and then back out again. After doing this about 5 times, it was obvious that the first hummingbird wasn't getting the clue, so we lifted the tent up and shooed it out.

Clover and me in the canoe. And I think this is a purple aster.

Soph and I played with different effects in the water...

Some neat night shots.

Twas much fun, but I'm glad to be home and clean again. ;)

Anybody see any of the meteor shower? I've been out once tonight, and didn't see anything, but I'll be trying again once I finish up here.

Oh look, John is in the woods too!

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