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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Happy Birthday Helen!

It's Helen Mirren's birthday! (okay, was. it's now Friday)

I'm going to go a little Helen-crazy now, with no other purpose than to please myself.
Continue if you dare.

This is a wallpaper I made recently, using pictures from "White Nights" with Mikhail Baryshnikov, he's an amazing dancer. I need to own this movie.

The first half of this video is the best scene of the movie. The emotion in his dancing is overwhelming.

This dance is fantastic as well:

A couple of the icons I have made...

I love this picture, her socks are awesome!

This picture is amazing.

Woot! some of my most favorite fan-made videos:

I really want to own "Elizabeth I" too.

You are one lucky guy, Taylor.


Jenny Cyphers said...

Gregory Hines is a pretty awesome dancer too! It's too bad he's dead. I had the opportunity to see him live and missed it, waaaa.

I didn't realize that he was in White Nights. I haven't seen that movie.

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