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Friday, September 21, 2007

happy bday daddy!

Happy Birthday Daddy!
I made cinnamon rolls. =)
So, today I went to the doctor's, because last night I passed out for no apparent reason.
Freaked me out quite a bit, but other than that I'm alright now. Except for my face being a bit sore where I landed on the kitchen floor. =P
He said it probably happened because of a drop in blood pressure, which is fairly common, expecially in women, because we naturally have lower blood pressure than men do. Which sucks, but he said it's also part of the reason women tend to live longer.
So, I'll just have to watch for it, and probably take it a little more seriously when I get dizzy. But it shouldn't be any sort of problem, unless it starts happening often.

OMG, teh cuteness!!

Today's cool vid; you may have seen it in the new ipod commercial:

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