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Friday, March 7, 2008

Jason Castro

I've been terrible with the updates lately... I added a whole bunch of new stuff to my sketch blog last week though, and I'll try to upload a collection of sketches today.

I've been watching American Idol this year. I used to hate it, and haven't actually watched a whole season since... season 3? That was four years ago, when Fantasia won. I think I liked George Huff and La Toya London that year. I've payed attention every once and a while. I really liked Bo Bice from season 4.

But THIS year, I've been watching, because there's a lot of variety it seems. Except that Danny and Luke just got voted off, and they were a main source of entertainment. I thought Danny would last longer, he's so adorably androgynous.
And since when do I spend so much time talking about dudes? I dunno, it just seems like the girls are all boring this year, except for Amanda and possibly Carly.

Anywho.... I love Jason Castro. He hasn't really got a chance of winning (isn't it obvious that David Archuleta should win?), but he's different, and totally shy and cute. And I LOVED his version of "Daydream", I bought it on iTunes the next day.

His best performances, in my opinion:

I also thought David Cook did really well this week with "Hello"

That's it for now, toodles!

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