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Monday, January 21, 2008


Soo, my room hadn't been completely cleaned out since, well.... never.
Aaah the shame!!
I took this pic after I'd started pulling stuff out to sort through, so it looks worse that usual. But still, my room has always been crammed full of papers and boxes of crap.
So take a good long look at the disaster zone..... (can you find the cat? and the ancient tv? which I stopped using ages ago because you have to use plyers to change the channel... XP .... there is(was) a record player in there too)

What the heck, let's make this fun. Anybody who can find all these things in the picture, wins a prize!

- rubix cube
- Dexter (the cat)
- one of those light boxes with a laser-cut glass cube on it. Like these:
- a calendar with photos of Provence
- 2 candles
- 3 glass bottles
- a paper doll
- a dryer sheet
- plastic grapes
- Eragon (the book)
- toy horse
- Harry Potter DH box!!!
- two copies of the same book. (haha, yeah, you'll never get that one, so you don't have to try)


Isn't it gorgeous??!!

Well I think it is, considering the mess I used to live in.

Next I want to repaint a few shelves and things, and I might paint one of the walls plaid (gasp!).

Just a few of the forgotten items I found:
Wolf calendars from 2002 up 'til last year, medicinal plants flash cards, Wimbledon poster (DOES ANYBODY WANT THAT? 'CAUSE I REALLY DON'T), rubix cube (evil little squares), easter candy from last year (ew), pen pal letters from when I was about 12, gigapet (LMAO), and endless other such items that were either tossed, or thrown in a box to sort through later.



Sara S. said...

Omg! I love clean rooms! Now if you could just get Sticky to do it...;-D

Chloe said...

I think I found everything. (The only things I'm not sure about are the candles...) Anyways here's the photo with everything circled:

Chloe said...

Not sure if that worked. I'll try again. Heheh.

Chloe said...

Ohhh! I think I read "DH book". And I missed the dryer sheet completely.

Try again. xD