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Thursday, November 29, 2007

more pikture fun

another picture survey, using images from the first page of google image searches.

1. Somewhere you want to travel to someday:

2. Where you want to live someday:

3. Where you live now:

4. An item/celebrity/trend/TV Show/Movie from the year you were born (like toys, books, musicians, hair styles etc.):

5. One of your favorite TV Shows:

6. One of your favorite childhood books/stories:

7. Favorite fast food place:

8. Favorite Band/Singer:

9. A picture of the #9:

10. Something that can be found in the forest:

11. Your favorite season:

12. Your favorite ANIMATED disney movie:

13. Your favorite NON ANIMATED disney movie:

14. A picture of something that’s your favorite color (like sun=yellow,red=blood, blueberries=blue etc…):

15. A celebrity that has the same first name as you:

16. A celebrity you look like: (according to Kryssi)

17. Favorite Film:

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