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Monday, April 28, 2008

Mexico trip - Day 2


We went to the beach(which was just a block away from our casa), to go swimming - in the OCEAN, ZOMG!

Then we went home and went swimming in our pool, lol.
Mom, Dad, and Jack had their cervezas. I did a watercolor of the front gate.

This is just one of the little gatos that spent time in our yard. This one was really cute and shy. We fed it cheese, and I think it liked us a bit more after that.

We walked to a restaurant in a hotel one block over, called Karen's Place. It was really absolutely perfect. The sunset, the umbrellas on the beach, and there was even a guy playing guitar. Sophie and I didn't like our food too much, but it's hard to find vegetarian, so we had to take what we could find. I had my first margarita though! I didn't want my own, so I just drank from Mom's. I don't think I'm much of a tequila person. I had a better margarita at a place in Pto. Vallarta later in the week though.

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