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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

3rd Ten on Tuesday - Memorable Vacation Moments


1. trip to Mexico with my family - the whole thing basically.
2. first and only trip to Disneyland. we went during the slow season, so some rides were being worked on, but we went on Indiana Jones 4 times and didn't have to stand in line!
3. on the same trip as Disneyland, we stayed in downtown Hollywood. We went to a film festival to see a short film that my favorite actress (Debra Jo Rupp) was in. She didn't show up, but I got a postcard signed by one of the directors!
4. Not Back To School Camp.
5. The time my family went camping, and on the way back to our camp site, our car broke down, and we had to spend the night in an odd little town called "Halfway", without any of our stuff.
6. Getting "stuck" in Canada on 9/11.
7. Cutting my finger with a pocket knife on a homeschool camping trip, and having Mom drive me home to go to the doctor's.
8. first homeschool trip to Odell Lake in the snow. Crazy partying '70s style, and first time on skis.
9. Seeing the wintering Monarch Butterflies who migrated to California.
10. Bekka's coming of age weekend stay at the beach. Best unschooling fun I've ever had.

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Elizabeth said...

I'm interested in this, "not back to school camp", could you tell me a little about it or post a link?