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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Wednesday meme

Five things you always have in your refrigerator:
1.) carrots
2.) cheese
3.) yeast
4.) salad dressing
5.) ketchup

Five actresses/actors that you think are over-rated:
1.) Ben Stiller
2.) Nicole Kidman
3.) Hugh Grant
4.) Tom Cruise
5.) Brad Pitt

Five things around the house that you hate doing:
1.) cleaning pet messes
2.) washing dishes
3.) cleaning dusty areas
4.) changing the sheets on my bunk
5.) moving other people's wet laundry

Five of your favorite movies:
1.) The Hours
2.) My Family and other Animals
3.) Gosford Park
4.) Angels in America
5.) Elizabeth I

Five businesses/stores (IE Circuit City, Kohls, Hollister, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Home Depot, etc) you would love to win a $2,000 gift card to:
1.) First Alternative Co-op (or some other alternative grocery store)
2.) Sweet Life (AMAZING patisserie in Eugene)
3.) Hot Topic
4.) Any cool antique store, like the Beekman Place Antique Mall
5.) BLICK art

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